Hello! We’re Neighbor Leaf Tea Co.

Thank you for joining us on this journey to find great teas around the world and improve working conditions for individuals involved in every step of the process of tea cultivation - from garden to cup.

Map of world with Neighbor Leaf HQ and Tea Gardens indicated.

We are proudly based in St. Louis, Missouri, USA, but our teas come from around the world.

Our first three teas come from northern India, southern India, and Taiwan, respectively.

Our Story

We started Neighbor Leaf after learning about the often atrocious working conditions on many tea plantations throughout the world (learn more here and here). We set out to do what we could to change this, and Neighbor Leaf was born. By bring you excellent teas from small farmers, we are chipping away at the systemic issues plaguing tea.

We searched for quite a while to find the right partners, the perfect small farmers, and truly exceptional tea. We are committed to continuously improving our own processes to better support workers through every step of the supply chain, and continuing to discover new, amazing teas.

Welcome to the neighborhood!