How black tea is created

Black tea, including our Neelamalai Winter Black tea, is made from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant, just like other types of tea. The key difference is in the way that the leaves are processed.

To make black tea, the tea leaves are picked and allowed to wither under the sun. The leaves are then rolled and crushed to release their natural juices and essential oils. This rolling and crushing process helps to create the unique flavor of black tea.

After rolling and crushing, the leaves are left to oxidize, or "ferment," for a period of time. This oxidation process is what gives black tea its dark color and strong, full-bodied flavor.

Once the leaves have oxidized to the desired level, they are heated to stop the oxidation process.

Black tea is the most oxidized of all tea types, which gives it its bold, robust flavor and dark color. It is a popular tea around the world, and is enjoyed both on its own and with milk and sugar.

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Photo by Katie Long Photography